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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Animal Cookies

I've been making these lately and I wanted to show the process.

Really the first step is to look at some real animal cookies. I got some a while back from Fresh Market. They were chocolate covered awesomeness. Also it's pretty cool that you can eat your reference material and I do whenever possible. YUM ^.^ 

First I start with a thin sheet of polymer clay. Then I use a pattern as a guide to cut out the shape of the animal. Those scissors are perfect for cutting small shapes.

After baking the cookie base I add the first layer of liquid clay. 

Before the final layer of liquid clay I prepare the sprinkles. I use an icing tip to cut out the tiny circles. Then I cut each circle in half and roll them.

While the clay is unbaked I add the sprinkles. I place each one individually with a toothpick. I also like to let the clay sit and run off of the cookie for a few minutes before the final bake. If I don't do this the shape of the animal becomes distorted.

Here they are fresh from the oven.

The final product!


  1. They look so yummy, I might accidentally put them in my mouth if I ever get one in my hands. :D

  2. Careful Lina! They will break yo teef! ^_~

  3. Those are ADOOOORABLE!!!
    ...I have to admit though...even though I know you make gorgeous and delicious looking accessories...
    When I first saw the pics, I thought they were real and though "oooh yum!" ^^;
    ...and then proceeded to read, looking for the recipe. ^^;

  4. Haha! Thanks Ri! Aw well there's gotta be some good recipes somewhere. I wonder if you can find animal cookies in Japan? Hrmmm...

  5. I am a visiter who came here at the fist time. I saw your lovely Sushi earrings at the AK design's "Handmade in Japan" blog, and surfed and found you here.

    I have just written about "Handmade in Japan" and I showed your products in it (and linked to your shop and blog). I hope this does not caused any troubles for you.
    If there will be, please let me know. I will delete them immediately.